Sunday Roast: Easter 2013

Easter 2013 - plated

Sunday / Family Day was lovely for this Easter.  We did our shopping on Saturday so we could spend the day together, just hanging out.

Easter 2013 - lunch

Lunch was cheese – brie and cambozola

Easter 2013 - lunch

…and Italian salami, mozzarella wrapped with prosciutto, and Stilton

Easter 2013 - lunch

… and some good old fashioned cheddar and smoked gouda.  There were crackers and bread too.  We enjoyed a game of Cards Against Humanity while nibbling.

Easter 2013 - Lamb

Next up – putting the lamb in the oven.  Heat oven to 425-degrees. Scored the skin and stuffed in a few whole cloves of garlic (approximately 10) then rubbed in EVOO and lots of crushed rosemary and thyme and finally a good sprinkling of freshly ground black pepper. Cook for 20-minutes and then reduce the temperature to 325-degrees and cook for another 60 minutes.

Easter 2013 - egg dying

Once the lamb was in oven, the girls and I started coloring hard-boiled eggs.  The kids cooked a couple brown eggs – they were fun to color.

Easter 2013 - egg dying Easter 2013 - egg dying Easter 2013 - Egg dying

I Love This Picture: The girls and I are being all creative – note my Heart in the kitchen making dessert.

Easter 2013 - kitty

The cats were very interested in all the goings-on.

Easter 2013 -  Egg dying

Love the “candy corn” egg and that dark orange egg that started as a brown egg.

Easter 2013 - kittyEaster 2013 - kitty

Loki was very curious, as usual.

Easter 2013 - egg dying

Angela’s eggs.

Easter 2013 - egg dying

Shannon’s eggs.

Easter 2013 - egg dying

My eggs – I really like the multicolored ones and the one on the bottom right reminds me of daffodils.

Easter 2013 - sauce

My Heart’s sauce: some of the juices from the lamb, lots of Merlot, and a hearty sprinkling of BISTO. I can honestly say, this was some of the best gravy/sauce he has ever made.

Easter 2013 - lamb

The lamb needed to cook another 20 minutes past the 60 minutes to get the internal temp up to 125-degrees, for rare.  It was probably a little more “done” than my son would have liked but it was still plenty rare and was good for the rest of the family.

Easter 2013 - rice pilaf

My version of rice pilaf: long-grain converted rice cooked with two cans of Campbell’s French Onion soup (condensed).  The rice asked for 4c of liquid so I fill the measuring cup with the two cans of soup and then add water for the remaining “liquid” needed.  This always works.  Also toasted some sliced almonds and mixed for a little crunch.

Easter 2013 - petit pesa

Nothing fancy for vegetables – frozen petit peas… explanation to follow.

Easter 2013 - sauce

My Heart’s gravy/sauce plated – WOW!

Easter 2013 - lamb

The lamb really turned out perfectly… very tender but still moist.

Easter 2013 - mint sauce

My Heart’s mint sauce (malt vinegar, sugar, chopped mint – simmered over a moderate head to melt the sugar and meld the flavors).  And THIS is the reason, also, for the frozen peas… this mint sauce is delicious on the peas !

Easter 2013 - plated

Plated: The meal was one of the best – the lamb was perfect and the sauce just put it all together.

Easter 2013 - waffle cone with marzipan

My Heart’s dessert was equally scrumptious – started with waffle cones (ready-made) lined with Marzipan

Easter 2013 - pastry cream

Next up: the filling, which was comparable to cannoli filling: whipped cream combined with ricotta cheese, confectioner’s sugar, turbinado sugar, almond extract, and amaretto

Easter 2013 - amaretto flavored whipped cream

Topped with homemade amaretto whipped cream

Easter 2013 - topped with chocolate chips & crushed toasted almonds

And chocolate chips & chopped toasted almonds. A perfect holiday with my Heart, the kids, lots of laughter and really tasty food.

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