Sunday Roast – Dessert: Cookies & Cream


So my Heart says that this recipe is his mum’s… YAY Mom! It’s a huge success, in fact we took it to our friends’ house on Friday night. It is a total favorite! Enjoy!


Heavy cream (1 pint)


Whip until stiff


Make sure to use the regular chocolate chips – not the soft/chewy ones, they disintegrate too quickly.


Sherry – we used Harveys Bristol Cream – about a 1/4c in a bowl


Dip each cookie in the sherry – don’t leave it too long but make sure that it’s covered in the sherry.


Then I hand the dipped cookie to my Heart who puts a “smear” of whipped cream and lays it in the dish, upright, in a row.


Fill the tray and drizzle any sherry left in the bowl – you don’t want too much liquid but just that little bit left in the bowl will be absorbed by the cookies… Yum!


Cover with the remaining whipped cream and crumble a few cookies on top


Make sure that you can let this dish set for at least 2 hours in the fridge before serving. It gets better with “age”… in fact the leftovers a couple days later are even more delicious!!

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