Curry Pork Loin with Fruit


I found this week’s Sunday Roast entertaining. Pork loin was on sale for a very good price but I should take closer note when it says the packets are 10-12 lbs – they were HUGE… so we bought one, cut it in half and froze the other half for a future Sunday Roast.  The last time we did a stuffed pork tenderloin, my son’s girlfriend commented that the only way her mom did stuffed pork was with traditional bread stuffing and she had never had fruit before… she liked it though. So, I thought we would go with a traditional stuffed pork loin and my Heart agreed as we discussed what to use for the stuffing, i.e. Stovetop vs. Homemade and finally what all would go into the homemade stuffing including pecans, etc. Everything was added to the grocery list and we were set. Sometime during lunch though… I have no idea why… My Heart changed his mind and here is what we had:


As I said, the pork loin was huge – he then took the 1/2 of the loin and cut into the center, opening it up like a packet. Into the opening: sliced tart apple and ripe mango and a sprinkling of raisins and, of course, a splash of sherry


The loin was then thoroughly coated with the curry sauce and baked initially at 450-degrees for 10 minutes and then an additional 90 minutes at 350-degrees (until it reached an internal temp of 140-degrees).


Definitely messy to cut up but the meat was tender and delicious. My Heart took some of the drippings & some of the curry & fruit from the top of the finished pork, Bisto w/ water, black pepper, cumin, sherry, red pepper and made a reduction for a bit of sauce. The meat was served up with cooked long grain white rice and some wilted fresh spinach. Delicious!


Dessert: Super simple fruit & cheese with crackers and some lovely port. YUM!!

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