Chicken w/ Wine & Cheese


This week’s Sunday Roast was ALL my Heart’s. An absolutely rich and delicious chicken with fanned potatoes and green beans. Dessert was pre-made but warm apple-y goodness is always wonderful.

So… four large boneless, skinless chicken breasts were sliced open, lengthwise, and filled with slices of gruyere and emmental cheeses. These cheese are in the Swiss cheese family and have a very rich taste and melt beautifully. Also with the slices of cheese was chopped Fresh sage. The chicken breasts were then browned in butter in a skillet and some wine was added. Once thoroughly browned they were transferred to an oven safe dish and were put into the 400-degree oven.

The fanned potatoes are medium sized russet potatoes that are thoroughly scrubbed and then thinly sliced cross-wise, NOT all the way through – giving the fan-effect upon baking . In a two-person job, melted butter and fresh ground pepper are poured between the slices and on the top. The potatoes are baked in a 400-degree oven for at least 60 mins or until tender through.

Once the chicken has been transferred to the oven, white wine was added to the skillet. Scraping up the browned bits and bits of melted cheese, the sauce was stirred and heavy cream was slowly added. This sauce simmered at a moderately low temperature and was stirred frequently to a reduction of about 1/2 the volume – this made a very rich and slightly thicker sauce.

The green beans were flash boiled, approximately 7 mins. in a small skillet, and then drained. Butter and chopped garlic was added and everything was cooked at a relatively high temperature until the garlic was lightly brown.

Plating: The chicken was plated. The temperature under the skillet was raised to a moderate heat and then the drippings and melted cheese from the oven pan were added to the skillet and blended in. A fan potato was added to each plate and the chicken was topped with some of the sauce. The green beans and remaining sauce were served family-style.


Also thanks to Elemental Solutions for an absolutely delicious wine that was used in the chicken dish and also served with dinner!


Dessert was a frozen pre-made pastry dessert called an Apple Blossom – it was baked in the oven and served ala mode. The little apple desserts were good with lots of brown sugar and cinnamon but still a fresh taste of apples.


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