Chicken Emmental & Strawberry Decadence

Dessert… Amazing but first – one of my favorite dinners: Chicken Emmental – ALL My Heart’s!
Coated the broccoli with olive oil, Pomegranate Balsamic, and rosemary then roasted at 350-degrees for 30-45-minutes.
Chicken breasts sliced “open” and filled with Emmental and Gruyere and fresh sage

Browned in butter and then some white wine (Riesling this time) –  sauteed for 30-minutes.

My Heart felt like Yellow rice with the chicken – this worked out very well.. the seasoning was perfect.
Moved the chicken to a casserole dish and placed into the 350-degree oven to finish cooking while the sauce was being made.
More cheese added to the pan and then heavy cream – definitely NOT a Low Calorie meal but Oh So Worth It !
Plated: Chicken Emmental with yellow rice and roasted broccoli – sauce served on the side.

So after a rich dinner like that – how about something light??   Or maybe not – Strawberry Decadence: layers of puff pastry, whipped cream vodka marinated strawberries, whipped cream, topped with a simple chocolate ganache… oh, but the bottom layer of puff pastry was topped with ice cream!  Absolutely Delicious – YUM!

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