Chicken & Broccoli Ziti with Fried Zucchini

It was a busy day and we know that next week’s Birthday Dinner will be a BIG One so we decided on something quick and light for this week’s Sunday Roast.


We started the day at Baja Fresh – I had the carnitas Baja tacos and my Heart (and my daughter) had the Nacho Burrito. We don’t live very close to Baja Fresh so when we are out toward the Timonium Fairgrounds we always stop there for lunch.  It isn’t my favorite of the Mexican “fast food” places but it is nice for a change.  After lunch we headed to the Fairgrounds for our favorite craft fair, Sugarloaf Craft Festival.  They come to Timonium twice a year… the spring show is frequently the bigger show but the Fall show has a lot of traditions with us.  It was a smaller show but still very nice.  My Heart bought me an early birthday present, a beautiful black jacket.  We also bought some lovely fancy Balsamic vinegars and flavored olive oils… can’t wait to try them out.  It was a lovely afternoon.


My daughter wanted to do fried zucchini.. I suggested doing them in the oven. The zucchini disks were dipped in an egg wash and then seasoned bread crumbs (pepper and Italian seasoning) and topped with grated parmesan & a drizzle of olive oil before cooking in a 400-degree oven.  Using the meat from a grocery store roasted chicken, sauteed in a skillet with chopped garlic and then parboiled broccoli florets. Added a jar of Roasted Tomato Alfredo sauce and heated until bubbling.


   Tossed the chicken and broccoli sauce mixture with the cooked rice ziti and some halved cherry tomatoes. The pasta was surprisingly light for an Alfredo, would definitely make this again.  The zucchini was delicious but I think my daughter will try to actually Fry the zucchin (in a skillet) next time… she wants a crispier texture.  I forgot to take pictures of dessert – it was just too delicious and we gobbled it up.  Croissant dough, marscapone cheese, fresh raspberries – baked until golden brown and topped with whipped cream.  YUM!!

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