Birthday Dinner: Leg of Lamb & Fixings


My Son’s 30th Birthday Dinner / Sunday Roast – Of course, the Birthday person gets to pick and lamb is always a favorite!


Found a lovely leg of lamb, just over albs (bone in) – scored the skin, rubbed with olive oil, chopped garlic, rosemary and freshly ground pepper.


Lamb roasted at 425-degrees for 20 minutes and then an additional 60 minutes at 325-degrees until it reached an internal temperature of 135-degrees for medium rare. It was a little rarer at the thicker part, which was perfect.


Rice pilaf: Converted long grain rice cooked with 2 cans Campbell’s French Onion Soup with water & Merlot added to make 4 1/4c of liquid – simmered for 20 minutes.


Petite peas with caramelized onions


My Heart’s mint sauce: chopped fresh mint mixed with malt vinegar and a little sugar


The lamb was perfect – very tender and juicy


Also asparagus with Hollandaise (sauce boat below)


I totally forgot to take a picture of my plate because everything look so good I just Dove in – YUM!

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