Beef Stroganoff & Blackberry No-bake Tarts

My daughter doesn’t eat mushrooms (we’ve always accused her of being an alien)… she had to work for this Sunday Roast so my son’s request was for mushrooms in mushroom gravy with a side of mushrooms… see where I’m going with this?  I used to make Beef Stroganoff for my kids, when they were little, so this seemed like a good choice with double the mushrooms.
Lots of mushrooms sautéed in a little olive oil and then slices of London Broil, browned in a separate pan, were added in.  Next, I know this is cheating and, while I make stroganoff from scratch now, I wanted this to really taste like what they grew up eating so I used McCormick’s Beef Stroganoff Sauce Mix (with water) and simmered the beef and mushrooms for 30 minutes.
After simmering, it tasted good but not quite perfect but my Heart to the rescue with Alcohol !  The mixture of Martini & Rossi & Brandy was exactly perfect .. just the taste I was looking for.
Final touch – freshly ground black pepper and sour cream – heated through (don’t heat too fast or bubble too hard because the sour cream can separate)
Plated – served up on simple white rice – I know that there probably should have been a vegetable but this was a really yummy, homey meal
Next up – my Heart’s dessert started with heavy cream whipped with blackberry yogurt and a touch of raspberry
Store-bought graham cracker tart shells with blackberries that had marinated in raspberry vodka
and finally topped with a lovely layer of chocolate ganache (bittersweet & milk chocolate melted with a little butter and heavy cream) and one more blackberry – refrigerated so the chocolate was slightly hardened.  This is definitely a favorite dessert.

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