Beef Enchiladas & Fruit Tart

One of those Sunday Roasts that just seemed to come together. The kids were down visiting their Dad in Virginia Beach, VA – an approximately 5-hr drive, depending on traffic and weather.  I wanted something I could make that would either be last minute or could simmer and wait for their arrival.  It was also fairly wintery so I wanted something substantial.  My Heart suggested enchiladas but I wanted something different besides the usual chicken enchiladas that I make.  Beef & Italian Sausage were on sale and the kids could use the extra ground beef for something they were making in the coming week and I could cook up a batch of combined meat and use some for Slow Cooker Chili later in the week.
Browned ground beef and Italian sausage, crumbled.  Added in HOT store made Pico de Gallo..

..then sour cream and shredded Mexican cheese
Casserole dish – poured in some medium Enchilada sauce on the bottom of the pan – corn tortillas filled with the ground meat mixture next
These Trader Joe’s tortillas were pretty good (Gluten-free) but they still were a little dry and cracked when rolled.
Once the casserole dish was full – covered with the remaining Enchilada sauce and more shredded cheese
Baked in a 350-degree oven until all melty and bubbly – totally hit the spot and also really good leftover for lunches
Dessert: Fruit pizza starting with Trader Joe’s pizza dough – in the “stuffed” crust: marshmallows and chocolate chips
Topped with marscarpone and a drizzle of whipped cream vodka then mango, plum, pear, raspberries and blue berries…
,,and a sprinkling of chocolate
Baked in a 450-degree oven for 30-minutes, until the crust was crispy brown.
Plated – served up with whipped cream.  This was a huge hit – My Heart did it again!! YUM!

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