BBQ Apple Tenderloin


This was an amazingly simple meal that was stupendously delicious. Congrats to my Heart for another wonderful Sunday Roast.

Started with the Pan Haggerty ala Mark. Pan Haggerty is basically very thinly sliced potatoes (in this case: red potatoes with the skin) layered with butter and baked until crispy. Mark’s version included the addition of layers of baby spinach and some medium cheddar on one layer and parmesan on another layer. Baked at 400-degrees until cooked through and crispy.

Next – BBQ Apples Tenderloin


Pork tenderloin sliced down the center and into the sides, not all the way through, in order to give a place for the granny smith apple slices. A little bit of BBQ sauce was under the apples and then a bit on the edges and some Jack Daniels was poured over everything just to add a some liquid to the pan. (wink) and plenty of black pepper. The tenderloin was placed in the 400-degree oven and roasted to an internal temperature of 160-degrees.

BBQ sauce: ketchup, a touch of mustard (this time I used cherry mustard we had in the fridge), a splurt of sriracha sauce to add a bit of heat, brown sugar, a dash of garlic powder, and lemon juice.


We drained some of the juice and some additional Jack Daniels into the remaining BBQ sauce which was heated and thickened on the stove and served along side.

While the tenderloin was “resting”. Some more Jack Daniels, brown sugar and maple syrup was heated in a sauce pan and whole and chopped pecans were added to the liquid mixture. It was all brought to a boil, stirring constantly, until it started to thicken. The goal was a taste similar to pecan pie without the “pie”. The pecans were turned off when we were ready to serve dinner.


Dinner was perfect and was served with a simple Yellow Tail Merlot.

We decided to watch “Charlie Wilson’s War” after dinner and about half-way through we re-heated the pecan mixture, which was now pretty solid so more maple syrup and Jack was added until it was liquidy again. The warm sauce was served over vanilla ice cream.

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