BBQ Chicken Salad


My Heart is so much healthier than I am. My idea for Sunday Roast was taco salad… you know – ground beef, tomatoes, onions, etc. etc. He said that sounded good and then thought about it for a bit and suggested chicken instead… and then maybe some BBQ chicken. Thus: BBQ Chicken Salad…


Salad “dressing” – non-fat sour cream and a packet of taco seasoning and about 2Tbsp of milk so the mixture is more “pourable” than dip-able! This was the first thing I made so it could “age” in the fridge for a couple hours before we ate.


I love store-roasted chicken. It is quick, convenient, not overly expensive and I’ve never had one that wasn’t moist & tender. I actually picked up Two chickens so that we would have leftover chicken for during the week (it is a VERY busy week). The four breasts were hand-shredded and my Heart added some Jack Daniels BBQ sauce AND Jack Daniels Whiskey!


Topping choices included grape tomatoes, black beans, monterey jack & cheddar “chunks”, canned corn, chopped red onion & cucumber and the BBQ chicken…


All served up on top of butter lettuce. This is Loki cat asking if he can have some – I wish I could have gotten a picture of his little paws on the corner of the table – begging!


Dessert – the 2nd Cookies & Cream my Heart made yesterday – even better after a day in the fridge – YUM!

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