Taco Salad & Zabaglione with Raspberries


It has been really hot in Maryland lately so another salad Sunday Roast seemed appropriate.  Hamburger was on sale and everyone loves Tacos so – Taco Salad.



Ground beef (hamburger) browned, a packet of Taco Seasoning added & a can of black beans – the HIGHLIGHT of the salad is definitely my daughter’s guacamole… it is the Best.  Very basic: 4 avocados (2-3 ripe but fairly firm and one Ripe so that you have “chunks” of lovely, buttery avocado but still some smooth avocado “around” it), chopped tomatoes & onions, lots & lots of cilantro (she is a Huge cilantro fan), squeezes of fresh lime & some kosher salt to taste (light on the salt because of my Heart but salt is a necessary ingredient… it just adds a needed flavor).  She has been known to add chopped jalapeño.


Yes – prepackaged pico de gallo – I really like this brand because always fresh tasting, I use it all the time… this was the “spicy” type so lots of jalapenos (which is why there are no jalapenos in the guac).  The dressing is just low fat sour cream with some Taco seasoning mixed in, a little milk added so that it would be smooth and pourable.  (and you can tell we were pretty casual about this dinner – the dressing is in a measuring cup… I think everyone was just Hungry!)


We laid out all the ingredients on the table so that people could pile on what they wanted.  A bowl of crunched up tortilla chips and shredded cheese. Additional tortilla chips were also on the table so we wouldn’t waste a bit of the guacamole!  Delicious!







My Heart’s dessert: homemade zabaglione with raspberry puree with marsala.  Quite a bit of work for this dessert but totally work the time & effort – my daughter is NOT a fan of puddings or custards but the zabaglione has such a smooth, lovely texture and rich taste plus the tartness of the raspberry puree – sinfully delicious.. and a little biscotti for Crunch!   YUM!!

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