Steak Salad & Mango Brie w/ Biscotti


This was our first Sunday Roast (June 12) since getting back from England. The weather is definitely Hotter back in Maryland so a salad seemed like a good plan!


Super simple Mexican steak salad – Rubbed two large New York strips with taco seasoning and then cooked them on a Foreman grill… one to medium-rare and the other to very rare.


It was a long day after a very busy week… the men folk needed to take a nap! &8 D


Everyone made their own salads starting with mixed spring salad greens & fresh cilantro – toppings included: black beans, tomatoes, cucumber, corn, and red peppers. Most choose a simple balsamic dressing.


Dessert was much more spectacular – starting with plain biscotti and some mango puree and then a small whole brie round was heated in the oven.


The now warmed brie topped the biscotti and some lovely chocolate balsamic we bought when visiting Maine was drizzled over…


… and the final touch, sliced almonds. YUM!

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