Seafood Risotto


After the turkey coma on Thanksgiving, we decided on something a tad lighter for dinner. So we did a seafood risotto. Now, risotto is one of my favorite dishes… I love it and find it very comforting. This is the first time that I’ve attempted it on my own. I think it was moderately successful.


Step one – brown chopped onions in 3Tbsp of olive oil until golden brown. Add in the arborio rice and saute for 2 mins. Arborio rice is a high starch, short grained, Italian rice.


Step two – Add in a 1/2 c of white wine and stir until evaporated. I did not take pictures of the next steps because it would be boring. Over about 20 minutes add in 4 c of chicken stock. I ended up adding quite a bit more than that and used white wine as well. The dish should be kept at a steady simmer, with liquid added eat time it had evaporated and stirring very frequently. I am not sure why I had to add so much more liquid unless I was simmering it at too high a temperature but I probably added closer to 6 c of chicken sauce & wine.


Final steps – when I added the second two cups of chicken broth, I also added in two small salmon fillets that I had cubed. I let all this simmer and added more liquid as needed. I also added in pre-cooked, defrosted frozen shrimp and fresh ground pepper during one of the last stir-ins.
We had the risotto with roasted asparagus and everyone seemed to like it (my daughter had some leftover, later in the evening, because she had to work late). I didn’t think it was quite perfect so I’ll definitely have to try making it again. Dessert was fresh ripe pears with cheeses (Stilton, Brie, etc.), bread, and crackers. It was a relatively simple meal that took some patience during the cooking process but was totally worth the time.

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