Summer Swim – Oregon Ridge Lake

My Heart is a swimmer… seriously… a swimmer… that includes Junior Olympics and a plan to someday Swim around the Greek Islands for a vacation (I’m not swimming – I’ll probably just meet him at each stop along the way … but that’s another story!).  So… yesterday, after a proper Lie-In and recovery time from the 4th festivities, we pack a picnic lunch to go sit in a park… but as we’re about to leave he asks if I have my swimsuit – so I grab it, having No idea where we are going.  “To the Beach” is his response.  Now, at 3:45 pm, I’m thinking… Beach?  Uh?   But off we go.  The best part of this is that we were at Oregon Ridge for the BSO Star Spangled Spectacular for the 4th but I didn’t know there was a lake and a beach there too.  What a great surprise to find the Oregon Ridge Lake so close by… the perfect escape during these ridiculously Hot days.  Thanks to my Heart for making the day perfectly relaxing and cooling!







Did have to take a “test” (swim two laps) to get the wrist band to go into the Deep area (and by deep – they are serious… we’re talking 40-50 feet!) but that also meant that we could escape the kids and get out to the floats to just lay in the sun.



And the evening ended in our favorite local pub for a pint and a French martini – Yeah for a long weekend!!!

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