Summer Chicken One-Pot


Another recipe from the BBC Good Food magazine – I really love this magazine… simple recipes that, at least so far, are really good.  I made this earlier in the week but didn’t have my camera so I had to email the pics from my Android and totally forgot. Summer Chicken One-Pot:

The boneless chicken thighs were lightly floured with gluten-free flour & herbs de province – browned in 1Tbsp of olive oil – chicken was set aside – 4 slices of chopped bacon then browned in the same pan


Chicken was returned to the pan, 14oz of low sodium chicken broth added and everything was brought to a simmer – after 10 minutes, cubed white potatoes were added


After approximately 30 minutes, once the chicken was cooked through & the potatoes were tender, added in approximately 7oz of light cream cheese, lima beans, a small can of corn, and halved grape tomatoes.  The mixture was a little dry so… our addition? 1/2 c of marsala!  Simmered for another 10 minutes.  This was a delicious dish, rich and flavorful – definitely a Do Again!  YUMMY!

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