Stir-Fry Experiment #2: Pork & Broccoli


I really had no clue what I was going to do tonight but it all turned out in the end!

Img_5241 Img_5242

I used corn starch as a coating for the pork – 1. it it better for me because it is Gluten Free and 2. it helps thicken the sauce. I added ground ginger and toasted sesame seeds to the cornstarch for seasoning and texture. Cut the pork in small-ish cubes, very similar in size, so that they would cook evenly.


Cooked the pork cubes in about 3Tbsp olive oil over med-high heat. I removed the browned pork to a paper towel to drain while I quickly stir-fried the broccoli. The broccoli pieces were also broken into small pieces so they will cook evenly.

When the broccoli was just starting to brown, I added in the sauce: 1/4c water, low-sodium chicken bouillon, black bean garlic sauce, Hoisin Sauce and sriracha sauce for a little heat.



Served on short-grain Asian white rice. I am really pleased with the way this turned out and my Heart seemed to like it. Next time, a little more heat. YUM!



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