#ST28866 #DUGConf Integrated Emergency & Text Messaging w/ Colleague & Portal

#ST28866 Integrate Emergency & Text Messaging with Colleague & Portal 
  • Joe DiPasquale – CEO, Regroup Emergency Messaging
  • Russell Wood – CIO, Hinds Community College

(personal comments)
  • The Cleary Act requires colleges & universities to issue timely warnings
  • The Federal Clery Act requires universities to broadcast timely notifications to their students & staff in the event of threats
  • Regroup: easy, effective, integrated messaging including FB / Twitter / etc.
  • Steps:
    • Determine Your Groups
    • Emergency Messaging including school closures – ALL Groups
    • Day-to-day messaging – clubs, professors, events, registrar, Financial Aid
  • Step 2: Populate Groups via Colleague Integration
    • Extract CS from Colleague (the slides are REALLY hard to read – bad color)
    • name, email, phone number, group – need to be able to collect their service provider, etc.
    • Regroup has sample scripts
    • Scripts can run automatically & regularly
  • Setup Synch via Secure FTP or API
    • Regular, automatic uploads of student data will ensure that emergency notification lists are always accurate whether students have just entered or graduated
  • Step 3: Send Your Message
    • cool – you can choose HOW you want to send it out including SMS, email (including multiple emails – constituency can add multiple), FB, Twitter, phone (also multiple numbers can be added), voice alert, to the Website – they can also preference those accounts 
    • Can create specific groups to send a message too!
    • The Emergency Information page is interested and includes “campus status” for six campus 
    • Family members can also subscribe – it is an Open system
  • Comments
    • Test the system monthly
    • Can record a voice message that goes out
    • Message reporting confirms message delivery, time and date which means you know Who got the message, if there were errors, etc. (good for those students who say they never got something – you can Prove that they did)
    • Regroup lets the message get out Real Time
  • Q & A
    • What kind of guarantees does the company provide per getting the message out
    • Use specific type for Emergency alert but use other type for general messages
  • (Students can opt out of the messaging – does that include the Emergency messages?)
  • Price is based on enrollment and usage – there are packages based on what you are utilizing also 
  • (I don’t like sessions that basically feel like a sales session unless I know upfront THAT is what it is)

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    1. Joe DiPasquale
      March 7, 2011 at 11:20 pm

      Awesome! Thanks for attending, and for a great blog entry!

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