Spinach-wrapped Salmon en Croute


This was Shannon’s last Sunday Roast until she returns from home (Alabama) after the first of the year so we asked her what she would like. She (and Angela) commented that I cook fish for my Heart and I all the time but never for them and that Shannon LOVES fish. So… fish it was! Salmon was on sale (although we did not end up buying that type because they didn’t look at good) and my Heart had a great idea to do it “en Croute”.


First a sheet of Pillsbury crescent dough – they do a solid sheet now, so you don’t have to try to “seam” together the pre-cut crescent triangles. These are the same sheets my Heart uses for different desserts. Next a bed of baby spinach – then the salmon. A drizzle of Balsamic vinegar and more baby spinach.


Another sheet of crescent dough, gently pulled over salmon & spinach then the edges pinched closed. Some steam vents in the top and a light egg wash.


Baked, golden brown, in a 350-degree oven for approximately 35-40 minutes. While the salmon cooked, my Heart made a creamy dill sauce with heavy cream, fresh dill, a tsp or so of balsamic vinegar and a hearty splash of whiskey.


Served on a bed of wilted spinach with a wild / white rice mixture on the side… we were very pleased with how this dish turned out and everyone seemed to enjoy it.


Dessert – totally my Heart’s concoction – pears (peeled, cut crosswise and hollowed out) poached in brandy (covered in foil – in the oven as the salmon cooked) with chocolate sauce, caramel ice cream and whipped cream… absolutely Delicious!

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