Spinach & Feta Quesadillas


Found this recipe for Spinach & Feta Quesadillas on Pinterest and it seemed like a good recipe for a late dinner after my Heart gets home from teaching skiing all afternoon/evening.


Wilted fresh baby spinach with boiling water then squeezed all the water out (which is really a chore – I am going to try to find another way).  Chopped garlic, Thyme, low-fat feta cheese (which was very salty.. I need to find either a better feta or a different kind of cheese), freshly ground black pepper (the recipe called for some fresh herbs??? I think that would be a good addition in the future and if I remember)


Mixed all the above ingredients and then sprinkled onto the flour tortilla which already had a layer of shredded mozzarella..


???topped with more mozzarella then another tortilla and grilled in an oven-top griller plan


Quesadillas number two: simple – shredded mozzarella, avocado slices, shredded Mexican-blend


Grilled in a stove-top grill pan, one side with the heavy lid from another pan on top, to press down, then flipped and grilled on the other side??? repeat as needed until it is golden and the cheese is all melty.  The original recipe had the tortillas toasted in butter and then put together with the insides for the quesadilla but I really didn’t want to add any fat to this dish.


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