Social Media isn’t about personal relationships

I don’t entirely agree with this article but I do think that the thoughts are interesting and shareable. 

The biggest misconception about the social is that it???s about personal relationships. “

I disagree because I do think it IS about relationships – or relationship building.  Perhaps part of the difference is the word “personal”.  I believe that I have a “relationship” with some of the people I follow and who follow me – we share about our work, our interests, our lives – and that sharing and relationship building often makes asking the Hard questions or asking for help easier.  It’s also less like throwing ideas and questions out into the AIR when you feel like you “know” the people who are/maybe reading the thoughts.  

But I do agree:
For many of the Twitter denizens, these tools get used in three key ways:

1. You use it to extend your network
2. Connecting to people who you already know (and ones you meet later.)
3. People who get introduced to you from other people.

I think this article gives those of us who are social media advocates food for thought!

From – “Social Media isn’t about Personal Relationships” by Ron Bronson

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