Social Media Can Change the World Through Common Ground

I really like this concept.  I’ve taught some diversity workshops over the years and the original concept was creating common ground while recognizing differences.  One of the sessions was to take a group of students and talk about their family traditions around things like Holidays, the dinner table, etc.  This did multiple things – for holidays it allowed students from different cultures / backgrounds see some of those commonalities (yes, grandma frequently “ran the show”… what the heck was that jello salad that Aunt Martha made?) and for things like dinner time, we found when we opened our apartments that some residents felt that their roommates didn’t “like” them because they didn’t sit down to dinner Together but once they talked they found that their expectations for Dinner Time could be very different.  By opening up that conversation and others, we were able to get students to talk about things they share but also difference.  Perhaps that’s what we should do with Everyone!   

Social Media Can Change the World Through Common Ground – J.R. Johnson is founder and CEO of

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