Slow Cooker Green Chili Pork Tacos

Another super simple dish – I really love my slow cooker (there is something very satisfying to come home and find dinner basically “made”) and this sounded like a perfect recipe because I had a small piece of pork shoulder in the freezer, leftover from the last time I made Carnitas – Slow Cooker Green Chili Pork Tacos.

Small piece of pork butt covered in jarred green chili salsa and lime juice cooked for about 10 hours on low.

The recipe did not call for this step but I really like this method with the carnitas so I thought it would work with these.  Pulled apart the pork..


..and broiled for about 10 minutes to crisp up some pieces.

Plated: toasted corn tortillas – slow cooked green chili pork – store-bought pico de gallo – slices of avocado – fresh cilantro – feta cheese (was supposed to be a Mexican cheese like Cotija (or Cojita because I have seen it spelled both ways) but neither store we went to had any)… either way, it didn’t matter.  These tacos were wonderful.. sorta like the carnitas but the flavor distinctly different – totally a Hit with my Heart.

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