Slow Cooker: Chicken, Bacon & Potato Stew

Super simple and very hearty for a winter’s night – Slow Cooker: Chicken, Bacon & Potato Stew.




Recipe called for new potatoes – I added baby carrots. 



Browned chicken thighs.




Recipe called for shallots – I did chopped onion – “streaky bacon” is our standard American smoked bacon – browned.




Sprinkled with fresh thyme (I free any Thyme that I have left from a recipe so that I have it for later – comes in handy!) and freshly ground black pepper.




Low-sodium chicken broth, the recipe said HOT broth so I heated it first – set slow cooker to LOW.




After cooking for about 10 hours – the house smelled delicious when we got home from work??? one reason I love slow cooker meals.  Removed some of the sauce, added the lemon juice, used Greek yogurt instead of the buttermilk and reduced to thicken.


Plated: Served the chicken, potatoes, & carrots and then topped with slightly thickened sauce and a sprinkling of dried tarragon.  Notes: Will definitely do this dish again with some tweaks.  The sauce needed to be thicker, more of a gravy.  Next time will use 1/2 & 1/2 instead of the yogurt and will thicken more.

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