Slow Cooker Beef Stroganoff



The original recipe: Slow Cooker Beef Stroganoff – I sorta followed the recipe.. well, I used all of her recommended ingredients and then added some of my own!  



Round steak was on sale so that’s what I used – onion and white mushrooms



Golden Mushroom soup (which is basically cream of mushroom soup with tomato in it), Worcestershire sauce, 2/3 can of Sherry, 1/2 can water (I like the sauce for stroganoff so more liquid than the original recipe), a sprinkling of dry onion soup mix.. old habits die hard and I like the flavoring/seasoning that this mixture bring… but I really did only a sprinkling – probably not more than 1Tbsp.



Mixed all together in the CrockPot – make sure that the meat is “covered” – covered and cooked on low for probably about 11 hrs – about 30 minutes before serving, added in 4oz of low fat cream cheese, stirring frequently until the cheese was totally melted and mixed into the sauce.


Plated on long grain converted white rice with a dash of freshly ground pepper.  We weren’t sure how we would feel about the cream cheese vs. the more traditional sour cream but was definitely a hit and one I would make again.   YUM!

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