Sites to Visit: Shopping for Kids

My Sites to Visit for today are all ideas for Kids presents.  I recognize that it might be too late to order some of these items for the upcoming winter gift giving season but they are just too cool to not share and you can always store them for future gifts.

First I have to thank Miss Cellania at Geeks Are Sexy for her “Gift Guide #3: Think of the Children” for many of the ideas and links:   

ChildTrek offers “Toys, Books & Gifts – For a Green Generation” – lots of safe, eco-friendly, learning toys.  Frankly, I liked the many colored Wood Blocks – it’s one of those toys that kids Love and they let the imagination Fly!  

RobotiKits Directs have a great 6 in 1 Educational Solar Kit.  The Windmill and planes aren’t too exciting and the puppy was sorta silly but I really loved the airboat.  I could just picture it jetting around a pool during the summer.  

It was also a hit on the Letterman show: 

Wedgits are a different spin on building blocks.  They are colorful and, as with so many toys like this, the possibilities seem endless.  Some Wedgits pictures for ideas

Zubbles are COLORED Bubbles – the bubbles are actually BLUE / GREEN, etc.  I thought these were super cool – I almost bought some for my kids (did I mention they are 27 and 23?).  

Legos are a staple in most households.  You haven’t truly said words you didn’t want your kids to hear until you have stepped on one of those tiny legos – wow they hurt.  I saw this site and… wow… my son would have Loved this.  Design your own Lego kits!  

And Finally – GyroBike.  This gyrowheel helps kids learn to ride a bike in a super cool way.  The Gyrowheel makes the bike more stable.  I don’t know about you but I remember the first few times I tried to learn how to ride my bike – in fact my brother almost killed me.  Ultimately I learned when I was much older, probably 13 or so.  This is pretty neat!  

Happy Shopping!

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