Sites to Visit: Holiday sites

Sites to visit

Last week I did toys – this week are those last minute gifts and other holiday sites.

From Barb Dybwad at Mashable.com10 Great Digital Gifts for Social Media Lovers  I especially liked the diversity of this list.  There are some really fun things listed.

Get an email from Santa – Send your favorite believer an email from Santa

Your basic iPhone app – Santa-themed iPhone app   But the fun part?  You can pick the type of phone call including one that suggests the child should just get a lump of coal.

Do you have a little one who is just sitting there WAITING for Santa?  They can watch Santa’s progress on Norad

FTD.Com still has some good deals and, depending on where you are sending them, can definitely do some last minute gifts.


Food that you can still order includes:

Hickory Farms with their holiday gift baskets

Sees Candies including their amazing chocolate candy.  If you’ve never had Sees – trust me, absolutely wonderful

Berger Cookies are a Baltimore tradition. I’ve sent them to people for years. One year I went to visit my parents in Nevada and when I got off the plane my mom asked if I had brought Berger Cookies – I said that I had and she said, “Good, I would have made you fly back if you hadn’t!”  Berger cookies are still hand-dipped and are a unique confection… basically a way to eat fudge frosting without getting your fingers messy.

If you really get on the ball you can get FREE shipping (ends 12/18) from Harry and David and they have special deals every day.  their fruits really can’t be beat.

Figis is very similar to Hickory Farms but has some unique deals and foods.

Standard shipping is still available from Omaha Steaks so you can send steak and lobster for New Year’s Eve and hope for an invitation!

Good luck with that last minute shopping!

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