Sites to Visit: Games to Exercise the Brain

I saw an article the other day talking about a lawyer who spends her time writing legal documents and proofing said documents, etc.  When she finds herself getting stressed she turns to Bejeweled to break the stress.  The article goes on to talk about synchrony in the brain.  So I thought I would share some sites that might help!

*Each side tends to handle different functions, but at their healthiest, their activity is balanced in a state known as synchrony, according to Carmen Russoniello, PhD, professor of recreation and leisure studies at East Carolina University in Greenville, N.C. He says research shows that an imbalance in the strength of brain activity in either hemisphere can result in depression. But as your brain moves into synchrony, you feel more upbeat and energized.

….and here are some sites to see if it works for you:

Yahoo! Games – their recommendation was Bubble Tank but it really frustrated me so it wasn’t really a stress reducer. (smile)

MSN Games – their recommendation was Flowerz – I do find that I have trouble playing the games on MSN because of Safari on Eleanor (which is the name of my MacBook)

I’ve been going to PopCap Games for years.  Their games are fun – I am a fan of Bejeweled 2 and Zuma.  I’ve played a few other games as well.  

Addicting Games is also a favorite.  My most recent favorite is Ricochet Kills which I became a little obsessed with for a week or so.  My high score? 19980

Dead Whale has some good games. The one I used to play is Bubble Spinner until I realized I really am bad at it – my scores were humiliating. (smile)

I really enjoy JigZone when I just want to escape what I’m doing for a few minutes.  There is something very satisfying about doing a small JigSaw puzzle

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