Sites to Visit: For Cooks part I

I love to cook, but if you’ve been reading my blog you already know that.  This is the first, of probably many, installment of recipe, cooks, cooking, food sites I’ve stumbled across or people have shared with me.  I will probably do a Sites to Visit with just vegetarian/vegan sites in the future.  I’m also hoping that people will share sites with me.  I Love finding new sites and new blogs to read about food and cooking – it’s given me great ideas.

Our Best Bites is a recent find but I really love their site and their recipes.  First, I love the pictures … I am obviously pretty visual because I generally won’t even consider buying a cookbook if it doesn’t have pictures.  I like knowing what a recipe is Supposed to look like when it’s finished.  Also… Our Best Bites make things look easy – they are the ones who are actually making me consider attempting scratch pie crust and I DO NOT bake!

Recipe Tips is a pretty typical recipe site but it is easy to navigate and their videos are fun and informative.  There are lots of recipe sites out there but I’ve some of them are painful to get around and I end up either getting frustrated or bored. 

Cooks.Com is not the easiest site to navigate but it is a great reference site.  I am forever forgetting how long to roast something, etc.  This site is terrific to have bookmarked so you can quickly check how long that chicken should roast and to what internal temperature.

What I liked about My Recipes is that it is easy to save recipes you find but you can also Share your recipes.  Sometimes there are those weirdo family recipes that you remember your grandmother making or Aunt Bettie’s brownie cookie pie and you just can’t find the recipe – this is a perfect place for some of those down-home recipes.


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