Sites to Visit: Unique gifts

Today’s installment of Sites to Visit – how about shopping Outside the Box? A lot of you may know these sites… or maybe not. Here are some sites that might have that super special, just what I’m looking for, what the heck gift for that person who has Everything. Enjoy and Happy Shopping !

GIANTmicrobes – it’s not every day you can give someone Herpes or Chlamydia at the holidays. They even have H1N1 and Mad Cow disease. These are great stuffed toys that are also educational and make for an interesting conversation piece. 

Threadless is a great site for one-of-a-kind shirts. The company receives design ideas from designers all over the world… shirts are voted on by people who register and frequent the site and are produced. If you have the someone who loves t-shirts, especially ones with unique designs – this is the place for you! 

Etsy – Do you like handmade items? Are you a fan of supporting local / small artists? Did you not get out to all those craft / holidays fairs? This is a great site to look for unique, handmade items. 

Cafe Press – Is your mom devoted to her LabraDoodle? Is your son a total Rock Band star? Is your niece into Anime? Is your grandmother the biggest GLEE fan ever? This is the place to find shirts, mugs, bags, etc. imprinted with just about Anything you can imagine. Just do a search on a couple things and you’ll see what’s out there. Funny sayings… math jokes…. Hobbies… pets… TV shows. You name it. Check it out. 

Think Geek – Is your favorite person the king/queen of the Geeks?? We all have them in our lives (or we ARE them and want to give hints to those who love us). This is a great site for the latest and greatest in little, fun Geek items. 

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  1. KBH
    December 1, 2009 at 2:25 am

    I totally cracked up when I saw you listed the microbes!!

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