Sites to visit: Just for Fun

OK… so time wasting sites – sites that make me smile – sites that make me wonder – sites that make me “awww”. I’ll try to do this weekly. No specific order or purpose… Just Fun! And it’s Friday… Enjoy your weekend – don’t forget to take some time to have FUN!

WOW… I just found this site and it is making me totally laugh out loud! WHY? Why are these necessary? Oddly Specific

Rude but some just made me smile True on the Internet 

I know everyone knows this one… although the last few people we talked to hadn’t heard of it so you never know. FAIL Blog

OK… everyone knows FML … which has it’s funny moments but, more often than Not, it’s just sad and makes me sad. On the Other hand… My Life Is Average  Always makes me smile… sometimes it makes me laugh. I Love when people are surprised and Like parents / teachers / businesses. I love those surprise “moments” that you can share with strangers!

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