Simple Roast Chicken


Chicken leg portions were on sale – I love roasted chicken but sometimes I think I try too hard. This was pretty simple and turned out just fine.


Initially approximately 1/4c of olive oil poured into the pan and then coated the chicken in the olive oil. Next a hearty sprinkling of fresh ground pepper and Herbs de Provence – that’s It ! Into a 375-degree oven


Scrubbed some red potatoes and cut into pieces, peeled carrots and did the same. Parboiled the potatoes & carrots and then a small drizzle of olive oil, just to coat. Added them into the pan with the chicken and sprinkled with pepper & Herbs de Provence


Total time cooking for the chicken was probably about 60-70 minutes – parboiling the veggies helps make sure they are cooked and seems to make the potatoes fluffier. The skin on the chicken was very crisp but the chicken was totally moist. YUM!

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