Simple Pozole

Simple Pazole - Food, Fun, Whatever !!
I really love Pozole – This is not the most authentic recipe but it is super quick, easy and delicious. If you make it, make sure to take the time for the Toppings!


I have tried other brands of white hominy but Goya is the best.


This was a piece of pork shoulder that we had in the freezer, into the crockpot (frozen) and topped with the Recaito cooking base, white hominy (rinsed thoroughly) and a can of reduced-salt, low fat chicken broth




After cooking all day – the meat is fork tender.  Removed the cooked pork from the crockpot, removed any excess fat, and shredded the meat, leaving some substantial chunks, then returned it to the pot with the hominy and broth to simmer while I prepped the toppings.




Plated:  In the past I did not do research on the toppings but, it turns out, Pozole is very much about the Toppings which can include radishes, lettuce (I used romaine), and avocado.  The toppings were a delicious and definitely added a facet to the dish.

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