Simple dinner – Tuna Au Poivre


We had these frozen tuna fillets that we’ve never tried before – the price was good so what the heck. I had planned to have them last week but forgot to read the back and they had to be defrosted in the fridge for 24 hrs prior. Also deceiving – the picture on the front shows them rare but the cooking directions says that they need to be cooked through and brought to 145-degrees (internal temp) – BOO! Anyway, after properly defrosting them for 24 hours, I opened up the package and found two nice fillets vacuum packed. I rinsed them quickly in cold water and patted them dry. Then my Heart ground fresh pepper on one side, as a small skillet heated with a bit of olive oil, and, once thoroughly coated, I pressed the pepper into the fillets and laid them into the med-hot pan. Then the other side was peppered and pressed. I had also put on a kettle of water to boil and had a whole pre-washed package of spinach ready in a colander. After flipping the tuna, I poured the boiling water over the spinach and let it wilt (note to self – next time TWO packages, spinach really does wilt down to Nothing). I drained and pressed the water out of the spinach and my Heart added a splash of lemon vodka to the tuna. Some leftover rice pilaf from Easter dinner was zapped in the microwave and dinner was ready.


A bed of spinach with fresh squeezed lemon juice and just a couple droplets of olive oil, rice pilaf and the tuna coated in pepper and cooked with a touch of olive oil and a splash of lemon vodka, which was reduced a bit to top the tuna. Not bad for a Monday Night dinner!!

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