Simple Dinner – Fish Tacos


Have I mentioned that I love fish tacos? I think I have but it’s worth saying again… Love Fish Tacos!! They are making their way East but not too quickly – definitely Not mainstream here yet. These were pretty simple and very quick for a Monday night dinner.


I really like Tilapia – mild, firm, inexpensive for fish, fast cooking. These fillets were rinsed and patted dry.


These dinner kits are handy, especially since there are just the two of us.
It gives us six hard corn tortilla shells and six soft flour tortilla shells -Since I try Very Hard to be gluten-free this gives me a chance to have 1 flour
but also gives my Heart the choice of either or both


Also in the kit is taco seasoning – ok, so this might seem weird but
I use taco seasoning for all sorts of things. For fish tacos, I sprinkle
the seasoning on the fish. It is a nice blend of seasonings, perhapsa little salty but it worked just fine.


I grilled the fish with a stove top grill that had been glazed with
olive oil (just a bit of olive oil on a paper towel over the hot grill
to help keep the fish from sticking). Tilapia takes almost no
time to cook.


Toppings: shredded cabbage (which is more traditional with fish
tacos than lettuce), tomatoes, avocado, and salsa


Total Do-It-Yourself so you get exactly the Taco you want! YUM !

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