Sherry Mustard Chicken with wilted spinach

I haven’t made this recipe in years – quick too!

 Combine breadcrumbs (these are gluten-free “breadcrumbs” which might as well be called corn meal but worked out ok), shredded Parmesan and dried parsley flakes – mix thoroughly.

Pound boneless chicken breasts to a 1/4-inch thickness then dipped in an egg wash (egg mixed with a little water).
Coat with the breadcrumb mixture.
Sauce: Melt 3Tbsp butter and mixed with 1/4c sherry and 2Tbsp grainy mustard.

 Drizzle the sauce over the coated chicken and cook at 400-degrees for 20 minutes.


 I did spinach a different way using Rachel Ray’s Wilted Spinach with Garlic & Oil as a starting point – Approximately 2 Tbsp olive oil cooked up with some chopped garlic at medium heat


 Mix in the spinach in batches – as the spinach wilts, add more until all of the spinach was wilted


Plated up – topped the wilted spinach with shredded Parmesan.  Definitely a hit and Do Again – The chicken is tender and juicy and the drizzle adds a subtle deliciousness – Also liked the spinach this way, definitely will do it again and probably “mess” with the recipe.  YUM!!

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