Seafood Monday: Fish Enchiladas


It is a bit of a routine to have fish/seafood on Mondays – we do the weekly shopping on Sundays so I know that whatever I buy will still be fresh on Monday.  It’s become a nice tradition.

Today’s Fish on Sale was Swai, which is from Thailand and is in the catfish family.  It is being farm raised and is becoming more mainstream.  One review I read was that it is totally without taste – not just no fishy taste but no real taste at all.


That is true.  It is a firm white fish and holds up well in the cooking process but the fish was basically just texture more than flavor.  It wasn’t bad and I might use it again if it is on sale but we’ll also definitely try other fish types for this recipe in the future.  I coated the fish with some low-sodium taco seasoning mix before grilling on the stovetop griddle.


Basic white sauce with butter, flour and milk and then added in some shredded Mexican cheese…Img_5204


…next a small can of chopped green chilis, undrained.Img_5206





In the bottom of the pan, I emptied a small can of traditional enchilada sauce and then mixed in 3Tbsp of sour cream Img_5208




Each enchilada included a piece of fish, some jarred salsa and a couple scoops of the green chili / white sauce.Img_5211



Then rolled them and put them in the dish on top of the enchilada sauce.

Personal note – the next time I buy MISSION corn tortillas for enchiladas I’m hoping one of my family members smacks me.  I am always disappointed in the quality of these tortillas – they are dry, no matter how fresh, and they crack almost instantly (even if I warm them slightly to make them easier to use).  We can get better quality corn tortillas but not at our regular grocery store… next time I’m making that extra trip.


Topped the enchiladas with the remaining green chili / white sauce and then a sprinkling of shredded Mexican cheese.
Baked at 350-degrees for approximately 45 minutes until browned and bubbly.  Let rest for 15 minutes before serving.
As experiments go, this turned out pretty good.  Got a definite thumbs up from my Heart so I’ll make this dish again… probably trying a different fish.  Also, enchiladas are never “neat” but … YUM !!

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