Scallops with rice & spinach


I am so happy to be home evenings and to be able to plan meals. This week won’t be too exciting… we’re trying to clean out the freezer but my Heart worked on a project ALL weekend, including not going to lunch & the grocery store on Sunday so I thought a treat was in order. Wild organic scallops were on sale… Love Scallops!!


Sauteed the scallops, medium high, in about 2 Tbsp of butter & 1 Tbsp of olive oil with 1 Tbsp of chopped garlic. I wanted them to be seared on the outside but not overcooked.


Moved the seared scallops to a warm oven, then added 1/4c lemon juice and 1/2c white wine to the hot skilled, scraping up the browned bits and reducing the sauce at a steady bubble.


Plated with white long grain rice cooked with a touch of olive oil, some chopped parsley, and fresh ground pepper and baby spinach wilted with boiling water and drained thoroughly.


The scallops returned to the skillet just for a minute to coat each one in the sauce then topping the rice and spinach with the remaining sauce drizzled over everything. The dish was complete with seeded and chopped fresh tomato. Not a bad dish for a Monday night and I think it was the treat I was hoping it would be!

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