Salsa Salmon with wilted spinach

Salsa Salmon with Wilted Spinach - Food, Fun, Whatever !!

It was a tremendously long and stressful day… but my Heart created a lovely Monday dinner!


Salmon fillets were rubbed with Mrs. Dash Caribbean Citrus spice and then grilled on the stove top grill. My Heart doused the fillets with a touch of lemon juice and some lemon vodka. Once they were nice and grilled he poured a touch more lemon vodka and then we covered them with a sauce pan lid to steam a little.


Baby spinach was wilted in a colander with boiling water and topped with a bit of grated Parmesan cheese


Served with a dash of store-bought pico de gallo spiced up with a touch of lemon vodka (it really was a LONG day) – the salmon was perfect, moist and tender and just cooked – all the flavors were lovely together. I’m so lucky, even more on days like this, for my Heart!

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