Sake poached Tilapia with Rice Noodles

This was one of those times when I am following a recipe (Steamed Lemon Tilapia with Teriyaki Sauce) and it ultimately turns out I am entirely NOT following the recipe – other than a few of the ingredients!   But it all worked out quite nice!


Sauce reduction: low-sodium soy sauce, mirin, lemon juice, lemon zest, and ginger


Tilapia fillets poached in sake, more lemon zest & ginger – rice noodles, softened in hot water, cooked in the poaching liquid, sauce and a splash of sriracha sauce until liquid is absorbed.
Turned out lovely – the noodles are a little sticky but they worked.  I might use a little less sriracha next time but this is definitely a recipe to repeat. YUM!

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