Roasted Chicken with Roasted Broccoli


When you are making a new recipe it’s a good plan to Look at the recipe before you go grocery shopping OR look at it before you get home to make the recipe.  That would Not be what I did so this is my version of: French in a Flash: Roquefort Roasted Broccoli from Kerry Saretsky and Serious Eats.

We decided to use Gorgonzola instead of Bleu Cheese for no real reason, but that was something I remembered to get at the grocery store yesterday (along with the broccoli – yeah).  I didn’t have bread crumbs and we actually rarely have bread (my Heart is very understanding considering he’s living with someone who is gluten-resistant *sigh*) so I used water crackers.  Do always have lemon juice – I will try real lemon in the future.
I crunched up the water crackers and added in the gorgonzola, a few splashes of olive oil, some lemon juice, and freshly ground pepper in a zip lock bag.  I mushed up all those ingredients and then I added in the cut up broccoli and mushed the coating on and around the broccoli.  (I think mushed should be considered a technical term.)

Spread on a cookie sheet and put into a 400-degree oven.


The little chicken was roasted using McCormick traditional roast chicken seasoning, for some reason I really like this seasoning mixture and it’s convenient because the packet includes the baking bag.  The chicken cooked for 1 hour at 400-degrees.  I put in the broccoli when the chicken was about 15 minutes from being done – that way I could take it out and let it rest for 15 minutes and have everything ready to serve together.

The roasted broccoli smelled delicious and looked pretty good.
All done and served up – got good reviews from my Heart!  The crunchy bits were really delicious – definitely a Make Again!! Suggestions for next time: used cooked brown rice to make the coating a tad more substantial and the roasted rice will add a nice nutty crunch – stay-tuned.

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