Radical Women – Watch This Video

I liked this on so many levels but, at this time, it brought back Greg Mortenson‘s visit to Stevenson University on Tuesday.  He talked about the importance of education but specifically the importance of educating girls in countries like Afghanistan, where a majority of his work has taken place.  He also talked about the need to recognize traditions and he talked, to a room filled with students from Kindergarten through college age, about the importance of giving to your own community.  Although Pennies for Peace helps build schools in Pakistan and Afghanistan, Mr. Mortenson said that some groups choose to give their money locally and supporting education in  your own community is very important.  

Having grown up in the 60’s and 70’s in the San Francisco / Berkeley area, hearing the call of feminism and equality so strongly… Kavita Ramdas’ words remind me of that and of my hope that things would be different.. and they are different, perhaps not as much as I had thought they would, but things continue to change, hopefully for the better.  
I hope you enjoy this talk and feel inspired as well.

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