Pork Tenderloin with Jamaican Jerk Rub and Mac & Cheese


The weather is getting colder so I start looking for comfort foods.. I think I also start thinking about hibernating, but anyway… Pork Tenderloin was on sale and Mac & Cheese is a perfect side dish.


This is the first time I used rice elbow macaroni for Mac & Cheese


Melted some Velveeta (yes… really healthy version – smile) about 1/2c once melted and added some milk to make smooth and then mixed in shredded cheddar and freshly ground pepper and topped with more shredded cheddar and black pepper


Rubbed some Pampered Chef Jamaican Jerk rub into the pork tenderloin – baked at 375-degrees, covered in foil, for 40 minutes then uncovered for 10 additional minutes


Baked the Mac & Cheese in the oven with the tenderloin – took it out after about 40 minutes, once golden brown. The rice macaroni held up quite nicely – the texture wasn’t bad


Served up with some green summer squash – very satisfying

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