Pork Salsa Verde Tacos


Got this recipe off of Pinterest: Slow Cooker Green Chili Pork Tacos – I did switch it up a bit though.



Did use boneless pork roast.  These had been on sale and I cut a bigger roast into three smaller roasts.  Thought I would just use one but then decided it wouldn’t be enough.  Mixed together the salsa verde and lime juice and covered the meat (they were still frozen) and cook, covered, on low for about 10 hours.  


I did not use the entire jar.. about 3/4 of a jar. I really like the Goya brand – very reliable.



The recipe then called for the meat to be shredded and returned to the pot with 1/2 of the onion and cilantro mixture and cooked for a bit longer.  I removed the meat and shredded it and then put it under the broiler to “crisp & brown” like we do with carnitas.  With the sauce, it was delicious and there was quite a bit left so I got creative.



I took a couple scoopfuls and added it to the non-fat vegetarian refried beans I was serving and then added in some shredded Mexican cheese.



Heated up with even a little more cheese and the refried beans were perfect.  The meat had lovely caramelized bits but was still moist and tender.


Served up with fresh (store bought) pico de gallo, slices of avocado, and fresh cilantro – my Heart preferred to put the refried beans right on his tacos and I had mine (pic at the top of the page) on the side.  These were lovely hearty tacos packed with flavor.  We will definitely have them again and they might make a good Sunday Roast sometime.

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