Pork Chops with Bubble ‘n’ Leek Cakes

Pork Chops with Bubble 'n' Leek Cakes - Food, Fun, Whatever !!
Pork Chops with Bubble ‘n’ Leek Cakes from my favorite BBC Good Food magazine (and website) – I ALMOST followed this recipe.. although I did half it.
Two boneless pork loin chops – these were lovely, very lean (bought earlier when they were on sale and frozen) – topped with a thick layer of grainy French mustard .. I was supposed to put some thyme on the pork chops too but I totally forgot!  Baked at 400-degrees for 30 minutes until cooked through. 



One Leek chopped and saut??ed in olive oil until tender




Bubble ‘n’ Leek cakes – two russet potatoes, boiled and mashed, a little butter (less than 1Tbsp), the saut??ed leeks and some fresh thyme leaves – formed into “cakes” then floured w/ seasoned flour (all purpose gluten-free flour with fresh thyme leaves and freshly ground pepper).  Browned in 4Tbsp olive oil.  Note: Next time I will add an egg or two to the potato cakes – they did not stay “together” as well as I would like.  The flouring was totally worth the effort though – made a nice crust on the outside.




Plated: Two Bubble ‘n’ Leek cakes with the pork and a little homemade brown gravy on top.  I didn’t go skiing today because I am still a little sore from last week’s skiing accident. This recipe has been on the menu for several weeks but never quite made it to the table.  It was a good dinner after my Heart had been up on the slopes for, sadly, the last ski day of the season. &8 (      Definitely a do again dish – YUM!

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