Pizza Night #4

Joe Corbi’s is a popular fundraising company in our area – students sell pizza kits, cookie dough, etc.  One of the Clubs that I advise was selling pizzas so, of course, I had to show my support and buy something but that isn’t easy for someone who is gluten-free.  Flatbread doesn’t bother me as much so I thought we would try out their Southwest Queso flatbread kit and I knew there would be room for my Heart’s creative license!


Started with the basic flatbread and topped with our own shredded mozzarella…


…next their packaged chicken. I like how, in the picture of the kit, it is shredded chicken and this so Isn’t.  Also – there is supposed to be one packet of chicken, queso, and cheese per flatbread but we put double on one and other “stuff” on the other.  It totally wouldn’t have been enough chicken otherwise.


…topped with their queso (again, two packets)…


…then topped with one packet of their shredded mixed cheese.


Pizza two had a packet of their shredded mixed cheese on the bottom and then leftovers from Slow Cooker Pot Roast I made on Tuesday – complete with the beef and sliced potatoes, onions, parsnips, and carrots…


…topped with our own shredded sharp & white cheddar.


The chicken queso pizza wasn’t bad but we both agreed that we wouldn’t use the queso sauce again… it added spice but tasted very processed and really didn’t add anything to the pizza.


The Pot Roast pizza, on the other hand, was really good and a great use of leftovers.  I LOVE my Heart’s Pizza Nights – YUM!!

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