Pizza Creations: Easter Dinner or Lamb with Fixings


My Heart makes the best Pizzas. Now my kids keep saying these are Not, in fact, “pizza” but… it has dough that is flattened out and has “stuff” on top of it. Why isn’t that a Pizza. One of my favorite of his creations was the Day After Thanksgiving Pizza with turkey, stuffing and everything. Yummy. So… tonight when he got home (8:45pm)… after a long day for both of us… Time for PIZZA Creation using leftovers from Sunday Roast: Easter Dinner and whatever else he could find in the fridge.


Ready-made pizza dough from Trader Joe’s – topped with some of the rice pilaf on a well oiled pan


Slices of leftover lamb


Green beans almandine with some bacon


a few bits of Mint Sauce


Also some crumbled Stilton


Topped with shredded cheddar


Freshly ground pepper


A drizzle of Johnny WalkermRed – for what is cooking without a touch of alcohol, at least where my Heart is concerned!


Ready to pop into a 424-degree oven for about 15 minutes


Perfect. This pizza was delicious and the little pockets of melty stilton and lamb were to die for. The surprise touches of mint sauce and the Johnny Walker… Yum!!

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