Partnership for Patients Summit: Session 1: Partnership with/for Patients #cinderblocks #HCKC

Partnership for Patients Summit
Session 1
10:00-10:45: Pat Mastors and Partnership with/for Patients

Pat Mastors is a hospital patient advocate and former medical reporter committed to a range of initiatives that effectively put patients at the center of care. Her focus is the engagement of patients and their advocates, a group some medical experts call “the most under-utilized resource in health care”. 

Pat???s patient advocacy began with the sudden hospitalization of her father in 2005, when a fall down the stairs required surgery. It was an otherwise successful surgery, but complications of a common infection called Clostridium difficile caused his death six months later. As his only daughter, and having acted as his health advocate during his hospitalization, Pat found this a life-changing experience. She launched an informational website about the risk of infection in hospitals, lobbied successfully to pass two patient safety laws in her home state (Rhode Island), and now works with patient and provider groups nationwide toward a common goal of greater patient engagement for better health.

For more than 20 years Pat was a television news anchor and medical reporter at WJAR-TV and WPRI-TV in Providence.  Her effectiveness as a speaker and presenter, her passion for patient engagement, plus her genuine empathy for the concerns of both patients and providers, make her uniquely effective at moving people toward common ground.


Pat serves  as a patient/family advisor to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services ???Partnership for Patients??? Hospital Engagement Networks. She is the “consumer voice” on the HAI reporting steering committee for Rhode Island’s State Health Department. She works with the Consumer’s Union Safe Patient Project (a branch of Consumer Reports), and is on the Advisory Board to the Small Business Development Center at Johnson, Wales University.

**** These are my PERSONAL notes from this session and done during the session so excuse the typos and remember these may be my thoughts and impressions!

  • YouTube: Patient Engagement for a new generation (2005-2012 8M/Day-4+B/day)
  • The importance to lose the “copy” on your website and add those videos / visuals to grab the CURRENT generation
  • Who IS Pat Mastors?
  • Pat wrote a book called: If IDEA Designed Health Care: Let’s Partner to Fix It! 
  • Met Regina at the IHI Orlando event in December 2010
  • Speaker: Teresa Titus-Howard, PhD, MHA, MSW / Deputy Group Director / Learning and Diffusion Group / Center for Medicare & Medicaid Innovation / Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
    • Her personal story: started as a clinical social worker .. started working with children w/ diabetes and then started working with hospice patients – in 1999 had a thyroidectomy due to a nodule and lives on thyroid supplements .. on Dec 18 found out from the thyroidectomy biopsy that it was cancer, which they did not find in the original biopsy – treatment: radioactive iodine – currently cancer free 
    • Six pillars of health care
    • Patient
    • working with patients (social work / case management)
    • working in a provider setting
    • worked for a health plan (payer: BCBS KC) – worked with employers (pay for health care)
    • working for the federal government (policy)
    • bringing ALL of the stakeholders to one table to make changes and improvements – they must work together to create a successful delivery system
  • Partnership for Patients, part of the affordable care act
    • section 3021: CMS Innovation Center 
    • improve the health of our population
    • improve health care quality
    • improve costs through improvement
  • ACO is part of the law – make sure that care is better coordinated for patients 
  • Medical Home / Primary care: patient / physician relationship 
    • barriers: the payers tend not to want to work together
    • 7 markets where the payers are working TOGETHER with Patients, etc.
  • Bundle payment: 
    • Now example: like having a baby is a bundled payment
    • How do you change that so that the responsibility is shared
  • GOAL: How can “we” reduce Harm in hospitals? Reduce Hospital caused issues by 40% and a 20% reduction in re-admission rates  – working with more than 4,000 hospitals – reduce the number of babies born before 39-weeks??? hospitals are instituting “hard stop”.. 39wks .. NO LESS !
  • Things we can’t do anything about in life like fires, lightening, tornadoes???   and speaking of a “force of nature”: REGINA HOLLIDAY 
  • Infection: “Ready communication of an emotion or attitude by contact or example” is a Different definition and what the Walking Gallery is about !  
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