New Year’s Prankster meets Annual “Victim” after 36 years

I really liked this story.?? It reminded me of a woman who drunk called us once when I was a kid.?? She called and asked to speak to … Bob or Tom or someone… she was quite obviously drunk and my Dad told her she had a wrong number.?? She proceed to start crying and talked to him for about 15 minutes.?? She called back about every three or four months for three or four years – she even sent us Christmas presents a couple times (I never figured out how she got our address).?? I don't remember her name and I don't think my parents actually knew who she was but I remember my stepmother and/or my Dad talking to her for 15-20?? minutes each time she called.?? It is such a funny memory.

New Year's Prankster Meets Annual "Victim" after 36 years of Friendship by Caleb Johnson of

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