Exploring: Abbey Burger Bistro

It was my son’s 31st birthday on Sunday, Jan 27 – the plan was a big pot of his favorite homemade clam chowder but the weather had other plans – freezing temperatures left their apartment flooded (we cook at their place because ours is simply too small for everyone to be comfortable)… not too serious but bothersome enough with all the furniture moved, carpets pulled up and giant fans going.  He said that we could just wait and do his birthday later but that’s not fun!  My Heart suggested a burger place he had heard of .. burgers & beer – sounded like the place to celebrate my Son so off we went to The Abbey Burger Bistro!  It turned out to be a perfect place.  That first picture is… wait for it… Creamy Crab Dip ON Tater Tots !  Really good dip wit lots of crab and.. TATER TOTS !

 These were the “Crab Bites” with a mustard remoulade.. they were light and puffy and yummy but, next time, two Crab Dip and Tater Tots!


 My son’s snake bite: Guinness and hard cider – my Heart tried some of the local beers and the girls & I stuck with the cider


 My LAMB Burger topped with: bacon, mushrooms, lettuce, raw onions, mozzarella, a fried egg (!!), and Chili pepper mayo on a toasted English muffin & more TATER TOTS !!  The burger may look small in this pic but it wasn’t .. I was pretty stuffed!



My Heart’s ELK Burger on thick toast. Check out the size of that burger.  My Heart said it was delicious. Abbey Burger is known for their exotic burgers including kangaroo, elk, bison, wild boar, etc.  The meat of the month was Duck.  Oh, and my Heart had the side of onion rings which were crunchy and wonderful.



 My son’s girlfriend had an Angus beef burger, as did my daughter, on pretzel bread.  They raved about the softness of the buns.  Of course, you get to pick your toppings for your burgers. YUM on personalization!




 Dessert?  How about an “adult” milkshake: Irish cream milkshake






 Obviously the milk shake was pretty potent (My Heart had the Incredible Hulk which had brownie “chunks” mixed in! and my daughter had one that had chocolate bits mixed in)… anyway – my daughter was tipsy enough to almost forget that she doesn’t like having her picture taken!!


My son’s girlfriend had to order the chocolate cookie sundae – which is made to order so the cookie is super warm and gooey. The meal was a little pricey, creating your Own burger added up quick, but was totally worth it.  Everyone had a great time and it was quite the adventure!

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